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 Fallen From Grace

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PostSubject: Fallen From Grace   Fri Aug 30, 2013 12:56 am

Erik was originally created pure in all ways.

The simplistic facts would be that he came from a form of heaven, wrought as a servant to both justice and good and whatever higher power governed such. At one point in the Before, the dark haired angel had been purposed with guardianship, given the role to serve as a protector to those who dwelled in the realm of mortals. Erik worked behind the scenes, never seeking direct contact with those whom he watched over, but nonetheless guiding their lives and shielding them from the dangers that were not meant for them. Towards the end he was even set to likely join the ranks of the Archangels and the Avengings and aid in the war with the Underworlders and the demonic kinds, to fight their ruthless, everlasting tirade in the name of darkness.

However, things turned south as quickly as they possibly could. They had pivoted about from wonderful, perhaps even perfect, to the worst they could be so rapidly that it left him stunned, wondering if it hadn't been a dream.

It was one of the nights where he lingered in the world of the mortal, sent with purpose of altering one's fate, or rather, preventing it from ending and falling off the originally intended course. You see... one of Death's own handmaidens was after his ward, and unless a power of heaven intervened, and still occasionally even then, those within Death's sights were a pawn for his taking.

Then he ran into her.

Cloaked, shadowed, and with eyes alit with the fires of hell, the girl was easily identifiable as Death's own. There was nothing that was more Erik's polar at the time. She was a creature of the foulest sort, wrought from fire and tortured souls, purposed to collect those Death desired, and even holding a vicious like for her work. He was brought about in the form of good and pure of heart, purposed with a purpose nobler than almost every other. And when they came in contact, everything changed.

While opposites tend to repel each other in most cases, the few times things in such astounding and sheer opposition come in contact, fate bends. It was true that night, when while attempting to prevent the girl from taking his ward's life, he crossed paths with her. She was created without care or kindness, without gentle aptitude or heart, and he was created without but a hint of darkness, not a speck of corruption. As they came in contact, that night, they each lost a part of their soul to the other in fate's attempt to correct the extremities of the two existences.

She took on the protective senses that had been established within the angel to guard those under heaven's watch, and he took on her streak of ruthlessness, cruelty and fire above all else: each became whole in this sense. But from then on Erik struggled with the beast within the man, threatening to break loose and wreak destruction, surfacing darker, unwarranted desires and thoughts within him.

His soul became corrupted, he was cast out the moment he tried to return to the world above. He was no longer pure of heart and being, and those within his home no longer recognized him as one of their own. His wings were torn from his back and he was brutally chased out by his own kind when they sensed the foreign darkness that had tainted his spirit.

As such, he's spent the better half of his immortal life cast out from his society and left to dwell among the mortals, power, title, and home stripped from him as he was left to deal with the growing urges wrought by the new piece of cruelty within him. Only within the past few decades has his path led him back to, strangely enough, the pack with which the cause of his mess dwells. Though she doesn't seem to, he recalls the entire story of how they both came to be where they are, how he fell from grace as she ascended from hell. Now, he just fights the desire for revenge, the constant thirsting from his darker half for him to seek it upon her and those she lives with. While she's become the benevolent demon, he's taken a colder path as the malicious angel, and it takes everything he has to remind himself that if he truly ever hopes to return, he mustn't be the direct cause of serious harm.

Erik is exceedingly poor tempered. He suffers from the temptation to cause trouble of all sorts on a level that very much overtakes common mischief. The lone lupe prefers by far to have no company other than his own for various reasons, and he often drives those whom try to get close away with caustic sarcasm and even his coldly aggressive manner. More often than not, however, he slips into his breezy and chilled disposition simply because he becomes claustrophobic, anxious, and even extremely skittish in the face of almost any other presence.

Normal: Erik is a darkly colored brute with somewhat patchy and thick fur and liquid-golden eyes. He is tattooed with the runes and script of the angels over a large part of his frame--some brightly light and others faded to silvery and black etchings. Two grizzly yet old scars stretch their way down the length of his back from his shoulder blades and down to his sides in an arcing V shape.
True Form: In his true angelic for, Erik shows himself as a pure white, fully exposing the countless scrawling runes and angelic script marked upon his entire frame with vibrant contrast. His mane takes on a golden hue, and within this form, his scars are no longer existent. His eyes, rather than their typical liquid golden display, take on a deeper look, appearing as if portals to the heavens through the stars, seeming to hold the galaxies in their depths rather than seeing optics.

Cut off from Heaven and lacking his wings, Erik faces a distinct lack in the abilities he was once used to at one time. In the Before, when he was connected to Heaven, he was able to communicate through telepathy or dreamwalking and utilize abilities such as invisibility, pyrokinesis (including light-manipulation), and supernatural perception of things influenced by heaven or hell. It is likely that if he is able to reclaim his grace, he will be able to reclaim much more mild forms of some that which he lost.

When fallen from grace, any form of trauma to the scars upon his back will cause him significant pain, some times even a disabling amount that will leave him paralyzed. Being in the mortal realm for extended periods of time, as he is, leaves him in a more subdued state, as if he becomes more like the mortals when staying with them for a prolonged amount of time. Other than that.... who in their half-sane mind divulges their soft spots?

Erik wears a set of very thin and understated silver chains about his left forelimb to remind him of his place. His most characteristic and important item, however, is the simplistic golden ring he wears about his neck on a leather strap--his halo from the Before. In his true form, the ring will take on a light yet steady glow to it.

Name: Erik (And you're lucky if he gives you that)
Age: Unknown/Immortal
Species: Fallen
Theme: "Scars" by Papa Roach
Family Ties: None of blood
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Fallen From Grace
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