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 Do's and Don't's, Training Games and Drills

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PostSubject: Do's and Don't's, Training Games and Drills   Thu Sep 19, 2013 8:48 pm

Ok, might seem simple enough, but since there've been issues in the past with what exactly is going on, I felt like posting this.. Plus, it saves a ton of time having to rp out and explain all this stuff, so here it is.

1. For the love of God...During a roleplay, please do not go confronting, taunting, or attacking an intruder or wolf/pack that you've been sent to check up on. You will most likely be alone! Besides the fact that it's against the rules to initiate a fight in the first place, it's just plain dumb. Runners are not specialists in fighting, so unless you just...know how to fight, odds are, you're not going to win. So please, just don't.

Would ya look at that? That's the only rule I've got for you. Doesn't mean you're finished reading dearies, oh no. Not at all. Next, is a list of the types of skills and games that you should expect to learn and participate in all throughout your Eveiller life. I do hope you find joy in them, because I'll be dragging you around to play even if you don't.

Hide and Seek
-Target (scout who tries to evade spying by the Seekers)
-Seekers (scouts who are trying to find and spy on the Target)
-Host (moderator and rule-maker of the game, the one in charge)

This game is a well known one already, but there are a few alterations made to suite the needs of FeralHeart and those in the scouting ranks. This game tests literacy, attention to detail, the senses, and initial skill. Only the Host of the game is allowed to have both nametags and the map on. For novice scouts, they are permitted to have one of the two. Advanced scouts may not use either. The object of the game is simple. Scouts are to find one character whose name is unknown without being spotted by their fellow scouts. They may know the species before the game begins, but nothing more. The Host may decide where the perimeter of the game's borders are, be it the entire map or between two landmarks.
The scouts must start the game spread out, out of local range from each other so as to keep tag alongs from slacking in their task. Scouts may not team up in this exercise.
To win: A scout must find the target, spy on the target for the duration of 3 posts, then return to the Host without being captured. They must describe three traits about the target, be it voice, markings, size, color, etc.

Fleet's Modified Rules
-If the Target catches a Seeker spying, they can call them out and send them back to Base.

Shark and Minnows Variation
-All roles present in Hide and Seek, plus
-Hunter (The Host, or a more advanced scout who is not a Seeker)
-Prey (all Seekers)

A more advanced scout or the Host acts as the shark (Hunter) and stalks the minnows (Prey, who are all the Seekers - the Target is immune). If the Hunter captures one of the Prey (successfully finds, stalks, and pins/knocks down), the Prey must return to "Base" and begin tracking the Target all over again. If the Prey successfully sights the Hunter before the Hunter attacks, or thwarts the Hunter's attack (pins the Hunter first in the scuffle), then the Hunter must return to Base. However, if the Prey attacks the Hunter before the Hunter attacks the Prey, the Prey must return to Base, because this indicates that the Prey is attacking blindly and has not actually identified the Hunter (and has therefore gotten themselves 'killed').
This doubles as stalking and sparring practice, however spars are to be limited to tackles and pins - no teeth!
Prey cannot be captured if they are at the Base to report traits of the target, but they may not hang around the Base as a safe-zone if they have nothing to report. Base's location is determined by the Host at the beginning of the game.

This game may has a few variations as well, with rule/consequence sets which vary according to the title.
-Double Time: Instead of returning to Base if you are caught, you are out. This is to prevent a game from going on forever. This may be instituted at any time via a signal from the Host.
-Birds and Bees: If the Bird catches a Bee, the Bee must go find some flowers and bring them to another Bee to 'pollinate' before they may begin tracking the Target again.
-Bucks and Does: If the Buck finds a Doe, the Doe must follow him as he continues seeking other Does. This is an exercise in group coordination and stealth. The game ends when a Seeker completes the game normally or when the Buck has acquired all the Does and no one is left to seek the Target.

Tag is again a very well known game that has been modified to fit this rank.  In this game, scouts carry messages back and forth between the Host and the Judge without getting caught. Previous rules regarding map, nametags, and perimeter apply. Scouts will run in pairs for this game. They must start where the Host is, with a message for the Judge. They must then find the Judge without being intercepted, deliver the message, and take the new message from the Judge to the Host. If a pursuer chases them to either the Judge or the Host, they lose. Teamwork is key in this game, as are all skills previously listed. The first team to deliver a total of three messages (two from the Host, one from the Judge) wins. This test, while using all skills, will mainly focus on teamwork, stealth, and evasion tactics.


Capture the Flag
Another popular game. Once more, previous rules apply regarding maps, nametags, and perimeter are in play. This game is mostly used when combining training sessions with the scouts and those from the fighting ranks.
Members will team up, one wolf of each rank in pairs. Much like in Tag, the teams will work together to reach their goal. This time however, their goal is to locate their target and safely deliver it back to the Host without being captured by their fellow packmates. Scouts will handle the locating, while the 'guards' protect them from attack. Careful though, if a Guard is spotted, a scout is likely near by. The game is not over if the Guard is separated from the scout, so long as the scout fulfills their mission. If they are captured, the lose. If a scout has retrieved the target and is en route to the Host, Scouts and Guards alike are then allowed to attack. Note: These are your pack mates! No serious injury is to occur. Doing so will terminate the session for the offending party and the victim, and the attacker will be suspended from all training until the victim is able to return to normal duties.
To be captured: To be considered 'captured', one must be pinned to the ground and unable to escape.


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Do's and Don't's, Training Games and Drills
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