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 Pack Games

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PostSubject: Pack Games   Wed Oct 23, 2013 4:24 am

Here is our list of epic games that are sure to please. If you have any suggestions to add to this list, please PM me or message me on Skype.

All of these games, while meant to be a break from our usual roleplay are still considered training. You are expected to roleplay just as you would any other day. Please remember everyone, that this is just a game, and things posted IC in this game should not be taken seriously, as the results of the games (unless stated otherwise) will not affect your standings in the pack in regular roleplay.
If for one reason or another someone takes the game too seriously, you might be asked to take a break from the game for a little bit. It's nothing personal, but we all would like to keep the fun atmosphere alive, yeah? Can't do that if people get upset.

Capture the Prisoner
A game similar to that of Capture the Flag, only the 'flag' is a member of our pack or group that has been taken prisoner by the other team. The object of the game? Rescue your team mate without losing your prisoner. There are two team captains, and before the start of the game, the captains will choose their teams. The teams will join two separate party chats so that they can communicate with one another. Spar rules apply in this game. If a healer is present, blood can be drawn. If not, then the minimum damage possible is a must. The game is over when a prisoner is rescued. Be careful though! There is always the possibility of more than one prisoner being captured.
This is a game that tests tracking, fighting, and scouting knowledge.

Sharks and Minnows
It is exactly what we all grew up playing, folks. Boundaries will be set in whatever map we play the game in, and roleplay will normally take place in Local. Two 'safe zones' will be established before beginning, and a shark will be chosen. This game does not allow spars. In order to become a shark, a minnow must be pinned. There is a two post minimum when crossing between safe zones. The posting order will always begin with the head shark, and they will order the start of the crossing with a phrase determined by Alina.
This game will test your strategies, and skill for evasion.

Hide and Seek/Hide and Seek Tag
Another oldie, but a goodie. Once again, it is exactly as it sounds. A seeker (or seekers) will be chosen before the start of the game. A map will be chosen, or, if in a public map, boundaries will be set for those hiding to stay in. Maps and nametags must be turned off. If in a public map, roleplay will take place in party chat. If in a private map, roleplay will be in General.
For Hide and Seek tag, a single 'safe zone' will be determined before the game begins. Seekers may not enter this space, and those hiding may not stay in the space for longer than one post.
This game will test your Runner skills above all else.

Cops and Robbers
Similar to Sharks and Minnows and Capture the Prisoner. This game will have two teams, headed by two captains. The Cops must guard an object or person, and the Robbers must steal it. Cops are not allowed to hover around this object however. They must patrol the area, and chase away any Robbers they find. Spar rules apply. As with the other games, boundaries will be set, if in a public map a party will be made. We will roleplay in General if we are in a private map.

Be sure to check back for more games or change in rules of those already listed.


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Pack Games
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