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 The Basic Herb Guide

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PostSubject: The Basic Herb Guide   Sat Dec 28, 2013 3:45 pm

In case of emergency or need of basic care, here are some things you can use while a healer is not immediately available to you. It is preferable that all healers in training learn and adhere to the same general remedies listed here as well.

Purple Iris
(Found near Pine trees in the Murky Wood, Murky Marsh, and the mountains)

-When chewed into a pulp this flower stops bleeding and prevents infection in open wounds
-When ground into a fine powder and dissolved in water it can cure coughs (When used as a drink) and dandruff (When bathed in)

Bramble Thorns
(Found in the Green Wood, Murky Wood, Mountains, and Forbidden Forest)

-Used as needles generally for sutures

Fresh Long Plains Grass
(Found in the Green Wood, the Moors, and in areas of the Golden Wood)
-Used for sutures

Dream Root
(Found only in the Murky Marsh)
-Makes a good sedative when chewed by patient
-When stewed in warm water it can induce a deep sleep for several hours

Elder Plant
(Found in the Golden and Green Woods)

-Elder Fruit is used to treat intestinal worms
-Elder tea made from the plants leaves is used to treat burns it also relieves swelling and inflammation

(Found in the Green and Murky Woods)

-Mix ground leaves into water; cures sore throat, flu, headaches, minor paralysis, and colds

(Found in the Murky Marsh and the Green and Murky Woods near water)

-When made into a paste and smoothed over infected area it cures gangrene

(Found everywhere)
-When rubbed over skin it eases sore muscles, helps with skin issues as well, such as raw or itchy spots. (Bug bits, poison ivy, ect.)

White Lilly
(Found in the Murky Marsh and the Golden and Green Woods)

-Stain the oil from the flower; put a few drops in ear to cure earaches

Oak Branches
(Found in the Green and Murky Woods)

-Used as splints with any kind of thick vine to hold it in place

Sea Buckthorn
(Found in the Murky Wood near water and along the banks of the Mallorn River in places.)

-When stewed and warm water it is used to cure ulcers and nettle rash.

Birch Tree
(Found in the Golden Wood)

-Extract the oil from the Birch Buds, allow to ferment for 14 days before mixing with water, and mint leaves for flavor. This is used to cure poisons as it detoxes the entire body.

Aloe Vera Plant
(in the Murky Wood and in the mountains)

-Extract the gel substance from the stems. Used to soothe open wounds and burns.

Poppy Seeds & Petals
(Found in the Green Wood and lesser in the Murky Wood)

-Chew to ease pain.
-An effective anxiety reliever went steeped in warm water.
-For a stronger, more long time effect, steep the entire plant (flower, stem, and roots) over 24 hours in warm water.

Willow Bark
(Found in the Murky Wood, the forbidden forest, and the Murky Marsh)

-Chew into a paste, mix with water, creates a natural aspirin.

Eucalyptus Oil
(Found in the Green and Murky Wood)

-Extract the oil from these rare leaves. Mix with water. Has regnerative properties.

Cabbage Leaves (Found in the Green and Murky Wood)
-Used as bandages.

Acacia Gum
(Found in The Golden Wood)

-Use as an organic glue to create a natural adhesive for bandages.

Clove Oil
(Found in the Green and Murky Wood)

-Mix with a small amount of water and use as a mouth rinse for toothaches.

(Found in bee hives)
-Is a good bonding agent, and has antibacterial qualities, I often mix this with the Acacia gum to provide a little extra sticky.

Blood Flower
(Found in the mountains)

-An emetic plant, it makes you hurl after you eat it.
-Ideal to use when someone has eaten something that they should not have, or are feeling quite ill.

(Found in the mountains)

-When chewed on, it can soothe headaches, upset stomachs, fights nausea, and reduces nervousness and eases fatigue.
-When soaked in water and drank, can help fight off the cold or flu.

(Found in the Green Wood, The Murky Wood, The Forbidden Forest, the Murky Marsh, and the mountains)

-The leaves, when chewed on, are great for infections in the mouth.
-When the root is chewed on, helps dysentery and diarrhea as well as being an anti-informatory.

Winter Savory
(Found in the mountains)

-When chewed into a pulp, it is an amazing relieve against bug bites and stings when rubbed on.

(Found everywhere except the mountains and a decreased amount in the Golden Wood)

-Can be placed in a nest to aid in a more restful sleep.
-When steeped in water, can aid in insomnia and depression.


All artwork and design is mine, save for the song lyrics. Please don't use without permission.
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The Basic Herb Guide
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