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 Grim Beginnings: Alina Alionovna Izmertvyy

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PostSubject: Grim Beginnings: Alina Alionovna Izmertvyy   Sat Dec 28, 2013 5:55 pm

Updated: 7/16/15

~Alina Alionovna Izmertvyy~

A silent silhouette under the starless sky,
Lone lupine lays under the black blanket of night.
She stays spread across stone as life seeps from her heart,
Forever holding vigil: ‘till death do you part.


Name: Alina Alionovna Izmertvyy
Age: Unknown to her own mind though Ageless (has the physical composition of a canine of 3 years and the spiritual age of much greater)
Creation: Soul was created in the year 79AD and has since inhabited countless physical vessels
Species: Torva Umbra (© WinterCrow; Closed)
>>Scent: Thunderstorms and smoke
>>Vocallics: Voice varies in slight depending upon the listener similar to her scent (also species-specific), though often soft and mildly musical regardless (specific to Alina)

Linguistics: Speaks primarily English but will recognize and respond to Latin
Humanoid Form: Artemisia (300 RoaE); currently not human despite being the form of such in the very far past
Paraphernalia: several golden piercings (two in her left ear near the base) and a thick golden ear cuff upon her right ear that can never be lost (Enchanted by her maker to show her original allegiance to him).

Main Theme: "Battle Cry" and "Ready, Aim, Fire" by Imagine Dragons
Sub-Themes: "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" by Lorde, "Broken Arrow" by The Script

Usual Friendly Companions: Virodan, Ilithyia, Erik
Usual Disliked Presences: --
Kin: None of blood; Simply Erik by bond (brother)
Devotions: Reserves affections for Virodan Darikovo Bartholomaus alone
Accidental Aquisitions: Parental figure to Viggo (assumed deceased)
"WTF is that, Viro?!": Claims Kvothe and Leonidas as her own

~Personally Known History~

Prior to the Pack


~More Recent Historical Happenings~

Born in fire, a path etched in flame... Alina's journey has once more returned to the fiery nature of its origins. After her reawakening, the effeminate was surprisingly docile for a long while, dulled and shaken by her physical renewal. In this time she had agreed to take the stragglers of her old home and head a voyage into a new land where they would regrow themselves when faced with their pleas for leadership, yet the peace was not to last. She had since reunited with her soul-shared, Erik, and whether by his whispers in her ear or the growing unsettle in her own mind, she was driven to return to the place of her newest start: the plains, since vacated and left an empty waste to her eyes.

Here, trekking the steps she'd once trotted in the past, she found herself lingering like a ghost in her old haunts while having left behind her home to the watch of her corrupted inner circle. She had hopes that her old home would clear her tenuous understanding on her origins as expanded by Erik, or that it would at least quell the ever misplaced darkness that'd settled in her since she had found her own two feet. Of course, she hadn't expected her salvation to be stalking her prior home like a ghost himself.

The male, Virodan, had acted as if he knew her... told her he loved her when she herself could not recall even a moment of his presence. Perhaps he was truthful, for all she knew, being that her own memory had only gone so far back then. Nonetheless, he took it seemingly in stride as he seemed determined to be once more at her side should she have him... And indeed she should. With time surprisingly short, she found herself once more grounded, her mind once more soft if only in his presence. He helped her remember what it was to be cared for, and further, to care herself.

But alas, even his presence had come too late to save the bulk of her pack. When she returned with him by her side, the peace was but temporary, and the damsel had once more sunken into a cool and paranoid combativeness. Each body there was there to betray her, to turn on her, to leave her. They all had... and the whispers amongst them now were not unheard by her own ears nor those of her brother. Her mistrust had once more risen, and her soul had once more returned to its natural truculence. There was little time to breathe before she set alight their home with her long-time friend Ilithyia at her side and watched her world burn, a chilled fire in her own eyes and the slightest twist to her lips as she did.

Of course, Virodan had returned as always, though perhaps a little worse for wear. His presence, with time, soothed her as it always did, and she soon recovered from the scorch that she sent after her homeland. With him, she'd left the remnants of her pack behind, save for her ever-surviving brother who continued to trail her per his usual mode of operation. Though she remains impacted by her path thus far and influenced by the memories that have begun to filter through the divide, Alina continues to find both solace as well as her humanity through her beloved... Albeit humanity rarely imparted on any but he. However with time and his support, the Roman is ready to face what time may place before her as she governs over her reformed company of canines.



Alina is a near-fully black damsel. Her fur is a dark and deep soot-color, and her pelt is without a single scar upon it (unless one counts the patch around her eye), her coat more often than not kept well groomed. Her mane was once quite lengthy, though it is now remarkably short, having been burnt when she set fire to their home with Ilithyia. The only oddity in her appearance lingers upon her face: most noticeable is her half-mask marking. A striking white patch stands out against her darker fur conspicuously where it covers a good portion of the right half of her face about her eye. Her eyes, as well, are unusual in their opposing colors, both or the orbs solid and lacking a pupil though they function quite well. The left is a clear-like silver shade, seemingly bleached of all color, but her right optic is much more vivid with it's bright orange hues. Looking into it closely, the eye almost appears to be composed of an internal fire and flames within it's depths rather than a solid shade (representative of the fires from hades from which she originated).


The dark dame can be fairly chilled or aloof when approached, though is more typically reserved in her currently less than friendly ways. She's often placed as severely austere or sharp-mannered, and not without reason given her militaristic and war-tempered upbringings. Calculated, watchful, and quite experienced in many matters, she doesn't seem often phased in the face of a predicament that needs her guidance or surprised by the strangest of oddities. Of course, she still has an abundant fascination for the world and what it holds hidden beneath her newfound layers of ice. Occasionally, she can seem absent-minded, caught up in the busy bustling of the noises of the world or nature about her, but she's deceptively perceptive about things. Her manner of stubbornness is not often matched, as she is always seemingly, and admittedly, ready to die for any cause she takes as her own.


*All Experiences recorded here are restricted to that which has actually occurred in rp within the game FH. Past Experiences in her story, background, or outside of FH are not recorded here, and these recordings do not guarantee that the character recalls each of them wile IC, due to her amnesia.

Ranks Occupied: Incendiary of the Eveiller, Luminary of the Eveiller, Alphess of Ex Cineribus, Minister of the Mammons, Commander-In-Standing of the Eveiller, Commander-In-Standing of Ex Cineribus, Bard-In-Standing of Ex Cineribus, Bard-In-Standing of the Eveiller, Knight of the Mammons, Loner
Trainings Attended: Far too many to count
Trainings Given: 130+
Official Spars Won: 36
Official Spars Lost: 12
Multi-Pack Battles Seen: 2
Recent Lives Taken: 9
Tortures Endured: 2

~Relational Affairs~

Intrigued By: Currently holds adoration for none other than her devoted
Chasing After: Currently pines for no brute but her mate
Devoted To: Affirms Virodan Darikovo Bartholomaus as her own
Spawn: Claims Kvothe as her own
Familial Relations: Falls in with no family; Considers Erik, through bond, to be her brother

~Key Relations~

Name: Ilithyia Rhea
Position: Co-Incindiary of the Ave Atque Vale
Relation: "Best-Friend-In-The-Whole-Wide-World"
Song: "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?": https://youtu.be/6ZOI1yUGPBQ
Expanding: Ilithyia is, quite simply, Alina's best friend. If there is anything Alina herself has lived to see in the history of the pack, it is highly likely that she saw it with Ilithyia. A friendship that has continued through better and worse, their relationship has even outlasted their physical forms themselves on more than one occasion. Perhaps it's just their longlasting firendship, but with what she is, it is more than revealed that she is bonded to her friend at least slightly as she will nearly always go to any extent to assure her friend's wellbeing without regard for her own. She takes Illy's knowledge to be next to unquestionable, and there are few people as respected as her grumpy yet grounded friend. Take a side opposing Illy... And it is likely you will find yourself against Alina as well.

Name: Virodan Darikovo Bartholomaus
Position: Incindiary of the Ave Atque Vale
Relation: Praeses; The Heart of the Matter
Song: "Chasing Cars": https://youtu.be/XaKr98ktoxU
Expanding: While there is no shortage of bodies among the wolves of Ave Atque Vale that Alina would serve to the best of her abilities, there are few she truly cares for as she does her beloved brute. One of the selective few companions she actually values guidance from anymore, he is one of two beings who hold a reasonable chance of getting through her stubborn outlooks on a daily basis. The Incendiary is rather fond of the male, and though she is generally successful at disguising her protective and occasionally more possessive instincts, she would be oh so incredibly mift if anyone even considered messing up a hair on his precious self. Of course, this isn't to say that she herself hasn't tried to kill him several times over. Fortunately, her man tends to be rather sturdy like a lobster in that he's so far avoided her tricky temper as well as come back with vehement determination even given their past separation. A good thing, too, as she doesn't plan to let him escape again any time soon. Though she knows not the depth of it, his presnece in her life truly is the matter that keeps her mortality in reach. With his loss, so will her humanity vanish, along with perhaps her will to have such in the first place.
Virodan was here, and approves. 8 )

Name: Erik
Position:  Cinder of the Ave Atque Vale
Relation: Anima Socium; Brotherly figure
Song: "Not Your Fault": https://youtu.be/jm9-yVdxbSs
Expanding: It is rather hard to find someone that Alina is as predisposed to disliking as Erik... and yet, he is often found at her side if he's to be found at all. Where he used to hurt her ears and get into far more squabbles than polite conversation, she was oddly pressed to keep him near. As of more recent times, the two have helped themselves out more than either would have originally guessed, and she finds an odd sense of support within him. They've long been known to bitterly dispute amongst themselves, though in the end, the lanky and oddly imbalanced brute is the closest she has to the actual blood-bond of two siblings, and she would likely be exceedingly put out should harm befall her wayward companion. She relies on him above any other to serve as her eyes and ears in matters where she cannot be, and though he may be a surprising support system to some, he is undoubtedly on her side if only behind the public eye.

~Theme Videos~

"Battle Cry" by Imagine Dragons:

"Ready, Aim, Fire" by Imagine Dragons:

"Everybody Wants to Rule the World" by Lorde:

"Broken Arrow" By the Script:


All artwork and design is mine, save for the song lyrics. Please don't use without permission.

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Grim Beginnings: Alina Alionovna Izmertvyy
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