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 Rules of The Pack

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PostSubject: Rules of The Pack   Sat Dec 28, 2013 10:00 pm

The following rules are noted for everyone to follow so that we may keep our pack a friendly, safe, and relatively drama-free environment for all its members. Please acknowledge them and obey them. All admins reserve the right to remove a character from the pack without notice upon the breaching of the code of conduct.

Eveiller Code of Conduct

1. Respect: Respect all members of the pack. No rudeness out of character will be tolerated at all.

2. Chain of Command: Always acknowledge your superiors. The word of the Incendiaries is law here. What they say goes, and it should be respected by all members.

3. Exploring the Map: The Ash and the pups of the pack are not allowed to leave the camp at any time while in character without a member of the Pyre's permission. All other members may wander the map freely both IC and OOC. NOTE: All members must have the permission of the Pyre to leave the map, both IC and OOC.

4. Seperation of OOC and IC: Keep what happens out of character and in character separate.

5. Literacy: Please try to stick to at the very least semi-literacy. While we don't push you to use incredibly fancy nor complex language, we do ask that you play in an at least semi-realistic fashion and level of description. We do NOT pertain to rp orders/rotations, but we DO have a rule of avoiding post-cuts.

6. Character Limit: Members are allowed a maximum of two characters within the pack given an Incendiary's approval. Character's may be exchanged, but you will start back at Cinder status.

7. Species and Powers: While species are up to the determination of their owners and not required to be realistic, powers are not permitted in this pack. The exceptions include those granted in the Approved Unusuals section. Characters (at their fully grown height) are not to be under 1.5 feet and above 4 feet. All species descriptions must have an "approved" seal by an Incendiary before they are considered official.

8. Realism and Items: Stick to the realm of semi-realism. No wings, full-sparkly-neons, or non-canine characters. Unrealistic breeds and agelessness (in terms of life-span and NOT invincibility) will be allowed so long as they do not breach the prior rule. No unrealistic items (excluding simplistic and discreet piercings or jewelry articles). If you've questions over what breaks this rule, please speak with an Incendiary directly.

9. Map Rules: When you enter the map, you agree to abide by the map's rules but also the lore of the map. By entering the map, you are agreeing that they entered Arda under the guidance of Alina and Ilithyia as part of the in-coming fresh-blood, NOT as a Arda-born or prior resident of Arda. It is possible to be considered for a loner status, but only with the approval and prior discussion of an Incendiary regarding the details.


All artwork and design is mine, save for the song lyrics. Please don't use without permission.
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Rules of The Pack
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