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 May the odds be ever in your favor

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Incindiary of the Ave Atque Vale

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PostSubject: May the odds be ever in your favor   Sun Dec 29, 2013 4:50 pm

Since Alina and I have an unhealthy addiction to all things movie related, Eveiller will have their very own Hunger Games. These games will be held once a month, and is considered training for every member of the pack, not just initiates. Read carefully my dears, as knowledge will be your best friend in the Games. Trust no one. Fear not though! While these Games do count towards a wolf's training, the death of a character (all but one character) is not permanent! Once the Games have ended, all fallen tributes shall rise again to resume their lives.

The first monthly Hunger Games of the Eveiller pack is one to remind the pack that no one being is in control of it's existence, and that if not for Alina, the pack very well may have fallen long ago. This contest of wit and strength will separate the loyal from the feeble. It is a bloody fight to the death. Who you are and who you know does not matter. Mates will be pitted against mates, parents against their pups, and initiates against those who laid the foundation for the pack you call family.
This contest is one based purely on the skill sets you have acquired over your life. All wolves will be stripped of their powers and additional abilities. Each tribute will be allowed to take only their knowledge and pelts with them into the arena.

A wolf who exceeds the age of one year is required to participate in this death match. This weekend-long event will take place in the contest arena constructed by Alina. Any who think they are above this contest may be stripped of their rank or become Pariah until the next Game. If a tribute fails to appear at one of the Games without due reason, they may be labeled Pariah. All highers are required to participate. They must set an example for the rest of the pack. Having earned their rank, they are the most loyal and courageous Eveiller has to offer, and will lead the pack in the festivities before the Games.

Too cowardly to show your face at the Games? You'd best have more reason than your duties to another pack or disinterest. Failure to give notice or appear will result in punishment that will be determined by Alina or Ilithyia.

The Hunger Games will take place at a predetermined date, and will be well advertised both on the site and in game. There shall be no excuses for being ignorant of this event.

Have you the strength, honor and courage to be the winner of these Games? The Grand Prize for achieving such a feat will be putting an additional three training sessions under your belt. . Second place, you have proven yourself well. You've earned two training sessions. Third place, while proving to be elite within the pack, you have much to learn. You have won an additional one training session to add to your resume'. Who knows? Maybe becoming the Victor of the Games will move you up the ranks faster than you could have ever hoped. Should your mentors see you ready to lead the pack rather than follow, your tag just might change upon finishing off the last of your competitors.

First, second, and third place Victors shall all receive a special rank on the site, a feature of art, literature, etc. .

Dare cheat in the Games? A single auto-hit or powerplay can turn even the most valiant of the pack into nothing more than a silent Avox. Auto-hitting, powerplaying, and use of the powers stripped from you upon entering the area will result in a penalty.  During the Games, Alina and Ilithyia shall have final say on all kills or complaints issued against a tribute.

Now, I am sure you all have questions for the Game Makers. Feel free to voice them below.


I'll be lost until you find me fighting on my own in a war that's already been won.
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Incindiary of the Ave Atque Vale

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PostSubject: Re: May the odds be ever in your favor   Sun Dec 29, 2013 7:40 pm

I just love that! Good thing we finaly got around to this. I'm going to need to borrow a razor to start trimming up my fire-beard. Or some magic markers to draw one on. Either/or. Also! Heed the part about "You must show up." Not kidding. Tributes cannot escape the games, so that's that. Jump off a roof? Tried and failed. Hide in the shadows? The Nation of Paniller and The Capitol Forest have the best peacekeepers in the world, and they excel at hide and seek.

So make your lives easy and submit--You are in for a treat. Revolutions are not acceptable, my dears.

Happy Hunger Games!

Oh.... and for you, Mr./Mrs. Wolf.


All artwork and design is mine, save for the song lyrics. Please don't use without permission.

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May the odds be ever in your favor
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