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 Fleet: to move swiftly; fly

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PostSubject: Fleet: to move swiftly; fly   Fri Jan 10, 2014 5:13 pm

Basic Information

Species: Aiastes
Age: 36 Years (Physically 3 Years)
Gender: Female
Height: 73cm (29 inches)
Weight: 80 lbs
Rank: Singe
Preset: www.tinyurl.com/FleetPresetV2
Preset also available via the Preset Sync

There are three preset files in the folder linked above. All are for Fleet - one for her normal appearance, one covered in snow, and one covered in mud (out scouting in roleplay).

Current Injuries/Condition

None - Good Condition


(Click for full size)

General Description

Fleet's form, true to her name, is lanky and lacking in bulk. Her strength lies in speed rather than force, and an unassuming appearance and demeanor. Her pawsteps are hushed with careful practice, and the near-black pelt allows her to all but vanish within nighttime shadows. Her light underside and gold markings beneath her eyes - and indeed the majority of her body - is often obscured by mud if she is outside of camp. If one had to guess her branch by appearance alone, scouting would be the obvious choice. Her scent - or near lack thereof - heavily supports this; countless excursions and days spent masking her scent have caused her own natural fragrance to become washed out, all but replaced by the clean smell of damp earth and foliage, and perhaps the occasional dead thing.

Bright eyes keep a keen watch from within a dark-furred face, ears ever alert; this wolf prefers to bide her time and observe, rather than act. A quiet nature sometimes comes across as cold and blunt, though she may warm up to others over time. There is a tendency, however, to remain detached from younger wolves because of her upbringing. Fleet knows her place well, and carries herself appropriately; her mannerisms rarely lack confidence.

-Often communicates in a feral manner (various body postures and sounds), rather than with words.
--When she speaks, it is typically because she deems it something truly worth putting a voice to; idle chit-chat is a rarity
-Due to an upbringing in a small, tight-knit community, the concepts of pack and family are taken very seriously, even though she prefers to remain aloof and keep ties loose.
--Pack hierarchy is also taken very seriously; while she is friendly with all packmates, any level of disrespect is a serious offense in her eyes, whether it is directed towards her or another member - especially if that member is of a higher rank. Faulty loyalty is unacceptable.
-More shtuff later


-Raised at home
-Decided she wasn't content there; left
-Found The Eveiller

Born to her father Black Bear and her mother Birch within the Aiolos pack, Fleet was one of two cubs to survive the night after their birth, and had two older siblings - Thunder and Lightning. She and her littermate, like their older siblings, were like peas in a pod. It was not to be, however; with the warmer seasons came the Yellow Death, and with its passing went her sister. Eight months old at the time, Fleet was old enough to remember her sister's passing, and it was a great loss in spite of the pack's preparations. One never expects to face death so young, forewarned or not.
Slapped with reality, Fleet resolved to avoid cubs who had not proven themselves immune from then on. She lost much of her puppy enthusiasm and grew quieter as her attention shifted away from playing and socializing with those her age; instead, her focus lay on honing the skills she would need as an adult and earning a name in a few months' time. She followed in her family's pawsteps and took up scouting and hunting, where her quiet nature could be excused as necessity.
Although she was generally content with her life, Fleet never quite grew into the pack's lifestyle. She was one of the unfortunate ones who could not adjust to the yearly losses, and as she had few ties outside of her family and small circle of friends, at the age of 24 she chose to venture out and see what lay beyond the borders of her home. Time and many footsteps led her to Eveiller where, six years after her journey began, her skill set soon landed her the rank of Tracker and, in time, Senior Emissary.

Reference (above) drawn by me.
By Acrisius

Looking for some more insights to Fleet's inner workings?
Try her Tumblr page.

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Fleet: to move swiftly; fly
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