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 You Should All Read This... Seriously, White Chicks Failures

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PostSubject: You Should All Read This... Seriously, White Chicks Failures   Tue May 06, 2014 12:52 am

So... really, truly.... NONE of you have apparently seen the movie White Chicks (only the greatest movie of all time), and that's just sad. You all should watch it. Right now. Because clearly.... Illy and I had WAY too much fun torturing you all when you clearly didn't recognize the quotes, lol. And... You should watch it, because if you don't, it's highly likely it'll happen again, and we'll make it our personal mission to make it an even bigger and better form of torture next time, haha. But.... despite being oblivious, you were all fairly wonderful sports and had us all cracking up. You guys are goofballs. But really.. Someone... please google white chicks and watch some of it. You're missing out on life by a lot.

Here.... Educate Yo'selves. And google it. Seriously. OR google any of the lines Illy and I said.



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You Should All Read This... Seriously, White Chicks Failures
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