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 Chain of Command

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PostSubject: Chain of Command   Sat Jun 27, 2015 10:09 pm

As always, out of the ash rise the survivors, ready to start anew.
With a new chance comes a new order. There are there are four Units, who all serve the Company.
They are:

The Pyre

This Unit serves as the highest authority within the Company. The Pyre is split into two sub-units, which are the acting Rulers and their second in command. The Pyre consists of the most knowledgeable, loyal, respectful, and active members of the Company. They are ready to help any who seek aid, and are able to take decisive action for the good of the group.

  • Incendiary (Tag: INM):
    The Incendiaries are the rulers of the Company, they have a general knowledge of all duties assigned throughout the group. Their role within the Company is to handle politics, handing down punishments, appointing duties, ordering attacks, or accepting wolves into the Company. Their word is law, and those who disrespect the Incendiaries by arguing their word are subject to swift and harsh punishment.
    OOC, the Incendiaries are in charge of recruiting, cleaning out the group of inactive members, and dealing with OOC problems that arise. IC issues are to be resolved IC. Bringing problems into OOC always results in tension and is frowned upon. If you try solving the problem and can't, feel free to bring the issue to the attention of the Incendiaries IC.

  • Flare (Tag: IIC):
    Flares are the second in command of the Company. They have proven that they are extremely loyal  and respectful towards all members of the Company. While they may not have all the knowledge required to lead, they are skilled in many of the pack duties. It is their main job to now learn from the Incendiaries, so that they can effectively lead when needed. They also act as the defenders of the Incendiaries. It is their duty to ensure that the Incendiaries are safe.
    OOC, Flares are expected to help with general maintenance and upkeep of the group such as recruiting, helping with OOC disputes, answering questions, and guiding new members. They are also responsible for filing a report to the Incendiaries of all issues that arise in their absence.

The Singe (Tag: XS)

The Singe unit includes the the most active, loyal, and respectful the Company has to offer. They have been part of the group long enough to fully understand how the group operates, and they are able to help new members with most questions they have. Within this tier, the members must decide the pecking order on their own. This can be done any number of ways, however traditionally, the strongest of the bunch holds power over the other Singes.  Those who lead this tier are responsible for reporting any issues or concerns to the Pyre. Sparring and other tests of skill are welcome among the Singe, however no serious injuries may be inflicted. Only the elite members of the Singe will be eligible to join the Pyre, if the need ever arises. Members of the Singe are permitted to leave the Den, so long as they give notice to their ruler. It then falls on the ruler's shoulders to inform the Pyre if asked.

The Cinder (Tag: XC)

Members of the Cinders are new recruits to the Company, pups, and those who are not active or strong enough to become a Singe. However like the Singe, the Cinders form their own pecking order through displays of strength and skill. The leaders of the Cinders will be eligible to move up to the Singe after extended activity and learning the ways of the Company. They may only move up with the approval of the Pyre. Members of the Cinders may not leave the Den without permission from the Singe's ruler or a member of the Pyre, unless they are performing duties assigned to them such as hunting.

The Ash (Tag: XA)

Those who have been given the label of Ash are the lowest in the Company. They have either broken the law or fallen inactive. There is no pecking order within the Ash, and those in the Ash that try to rule over others will be punished. Members of the Ash serve as nursemaids, providing protection for the pups and den. Members of the Ash are not permitted to participate in special events such as pack hunts or games. In order to become a Cinder once more, an Ash must prove their loyalty through activity and rp. They can only move up with the permission of a Pyre.


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Incindiary of the Ave Atque Vale

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PostSubject: Re: Chain of Command   Tue Jun 30, 2015 9:31 pm

How do the Ranks Work?
The only group that have individual ranks is the Pyre. This is to distinguish Alpha from beta. The Singe and Cinder groups are rank-less tiers. Each day, a member of the Pyre will hand down daily duties to each group, and it will then be the rulers of each group to pass those duties on to their members.

How do I become a tier ruler?
Tier rulers are decided amongst the tiers. Traditionally, this role is determined by a spar, however the current ruler has the right to change the challenge, so long as the Pyre agree to it. If you defeat the ruler, you have the right to take their place, but you must also be willing to take on their responsibilities. If you don't, a member of the Pyre may dethrone you.

What if I can't win?
If you can't win, then your character is not physically dependable enough to help lead the Company. It is entirely possible in this group to remain a member of the Cinders for the duration of your character's life, but because there are no ranks, it does not lessen the value of your character. Those that are likely to remain an Ash or Cinder are:

The disabled. Those who are blind, deaf, or physically hindered in any way realistically won't go too far within the group, but they will be given roles that are vital for the pack's survival, and well within the individual's capability.

The small. Small wolves don't excel. Being small can help agility and speed a small amount, but the overwhelming disadvantage of physical weakness overrules any minute advantage a small size has.

The Anti-Social. Many times characters are introverted or stick so close to their friends that they fail to interact with other members of the Company. Those who fail to integrate themselves into the group are likely to be stuck at the bottom of the Cinder's hierarchy.

If I don't want to do a chore assigned to me, can I change it?
No. When rulers are handing down duties, you may request a specific job, however the point to this method is to expand the knowledge of all individuals in all fields. The only way members can have a chance of joining the Pyre is by being capable in all roles. If you don't get the job you want, and refuse to do the one assigned, you will be demoted. Refusal includes logging onto another character if you don't get your way.

Can I be a loner?
There are special occasions where it is permitted, but generally, no. You must join the group as a member of the Cinders unless given special permission by the Incendiaries.


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Chain of Command
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