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 We Shall Rise Again

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PostSubject: We Shall Rise Again   Sun Jun 28, 2015 6:54 pm

The odds had always been stacked against them. Throughout the years, the duo seemed to seldom disagree on anything, even when it came to the inferno that now engulfed what they had once considered their sanctuary.
Throughout most of these lifetimes, Ilithyia and Alina were reluctant to move on, to say the least. It started many years ago, when the confused and volatile Ilithyia found herself in the small camp that Prince Andrian and the Mammons ruled over. Though Andrian held the title of Prince, it was quickly made clear that his vizier was in charge. As the years passed, Ilithyia began to move up in the world--or at least in Mammon. Despite her aggression, and having had attacked a handful of the newcomers, and even a Knight or two, was granted the role of Emissary.
Her new duty though seemed to be of little use in the slowly dying pack. Sightings of the Prince became a rare occurrence, and his kingdom began to crumble, despite Alina's best attempts to hold it together. Only when the pack was no more than Alina, Ilithyia, Bruton and half a dozen others did the two abandon what had been their home through several generations. In the wake of Mammon's demise rose Ex Cinerabus, which later took on the name of The Eveiller. Under the rule of Alina and Ilithyia, the pack flourished for a many years. True, like all packs it suffered its losses and struggled at times, but there was never a time that the pair called and the pack didn't answer.
The Eveiller was settled in a mysterious, and often dangerous land known as Arda. To the mortal eye, the path to this mystic land was practically invisible. It had taken the dames several months to discover this land, and while deadly, the miles and miles of unclaimed wood and the promise of security was too much to pass up. And so the pack moved in.
Eveiller continued to grow, requiring more resources from the strange place, which soon caught the attention of the native creatures. Though mysterious, the pack fended off attacks that came from land and air and adapt in order to remain in the strange land that they now called home.
More time passed, and the aging leaders didn't fail to notice that their beloved pack was beginning to falter. They did what they could to keep their presence in Arda strong, for fear of more attacks when the creatures picked up on their weakening forces. Try as they might, it seemed that the pack continued to shrink until one day, it was only the two that stood in their quaint camp.
They were stubborn though, and weren't discouraged. They went out in search of even more wolves, welcoming any and all without a second thought, knowing that--like always--the pack would come when they called. Alina and Ilithyia had always spoke of other packs that had come and gone during their reign, often using the phrase 'Everything has an end.' However they'd always thought that their family was exempt; they'd been through so much, and they always seemed to come back stronger and better than ever. Why would they think that one day Eveiller would die?
The day came that the dames called on the loyal wolves of The Eveiller. The traveled to the highest point in the beautiful forest and howled for the others. But there was no response. Another howl, but still nothing. In the back of their minds, they worried that something may have happened to their friends, but how could something have happened to all of them?Their calls continued on until the sun began to fade on the horizon, and the pair finally gave up.
The two returned to camp, and as usual, Ilithyia was ready to voice her anger for being ignored, if of course, anyone showed. Alina however, had always been the calmer of the two, and looked at things optimistically. As Ilithyia stewed in her frustration, Alina patiently waited, perched atop the same rocky ledge she was always found on. Days passed, and ever so slowly, Alina's patient, expectant, calm stare faded and was instead replaced by a disappointed frown, and her eyes narrowed in confusion.
Ilithyia was quick to catch on to her friend's change in mood, and finally spoke. "I was getting tired of it anyway," She scoffed with a flick of her tail, "the planning, and appeasing and mediating. Let some other poor unfortunate soul take it on." Not that age mattered much to either of them, but Ilithyia was ready to admit she was getting too old for this. The bickering and compromising no longer seemed worth the cost of the pack in Ilithyia's eyes.
"I suppose you're right." Alina agreed quietly, looking down on the deserted camp site. It didn't take long for Alina's anger to finally surface, and coupled with Ilithyia, who had been holding it back for several days now, perhaps the pack was lucky that they were nowhere in sight. There was little that the pair couldn't discuss with a simple glance at each other, and despite the drastic action they were about to take, a glance was all they needed.
It had been several years since Alina or Ilithyia had stepped foot back in the old camp that housed the pack when they first arrived here, but they knew that they would have to return in order to find what they were searching for. They moved quickly, navigating the confusing, winding terrain with expertise until finally, they stood at the base of a steaming mountain range that towered over them. A moment's pause was taken before they began making their way to the source of the smoke and steam. Neither of them had ever gone this far into the mountains, but they knew that one of the tribes they'd once squared off against had masterful control over the only fire in Arda.
With Ilithyia's stealth, it wasn't difficult to sneak up behind the tribal wolves and snatch two torches. And even if there had been a confrontation, it wouldn't matter soon anyhow. Ilithyia carefully passed one of the flaming branches to Alina, and the two were off; back to the Golden Woods. After one last brief visit to their camp to gather their things, and collect the select few who would be spared from their fury, Alina and Ilithyia lowered the torches to the ground, and watched with excitement as the flames spread. It wasn't long before the fire they'd set was raging inside their camp, and rapidly moving to the forest around them, but that wasn't good enough. As they fled the flames, the dames left a trail of fire behind them as they dragged the branches along.
By the time they'd reached the shore that led to the one and only exit from Arda, the entire land behind them was ablaze. Abandoning their branches, the two led their small party across the lake. After shaking their pelts free of the water, the ex-rulers glanced over their shoulder one last time. Alina held a conflicted expression. You could see the satisfaction in her eyes as the fire raged on, but also sadness as what she'd spent so long to build was reduced to ash.
Ilithyia on the other hand, offered one last snarl, directed at whoever was lucky enough to make it to the water's edge behind them. She'd never had much sympathy for others in this life, and her malice was shining through as bright as ever at this moment. She took great pleasure in knowing that without them, the aliens of Arda would be hard pressed to find an escape from this place. After all, it was only she and Alina who knew the way in or out. Even if they made it to this portal, it would not open without one of the two dames present.
The small group slipped through the portal for the last time, leaving those who had failed to heed their call to burn, and if they survived? Well, a lone wolf never lasted long in the land of Arda.
Thus was the story of The Eveiller, a pack that outlasted many despite its trials, and triumphed over every obstacle that stood in its path. Until of course the day came that what blocked the pack's way was itself. Alina and Ilithyia continue to travel together, welcoming those who passed through the portal with them to follow them once more. As for the fate of those left behind? One can only assume that they fell prey to Alina and Ilithyia's flames.


I'll be lost until you find me fighting on my own in a war that's already been won.
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We Shall Rise Again
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