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 Adelaide Lejuan | The Travelling Cajun |

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Adelaide Lejuan


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PostSubject: Adelaide Lejuan | The Travelling Cajun |   Mon Jul 13, 2015 9:27 pm

Basic Information

Full Name: Adelaide Lejuan
Nickname(s): Addy
Sex: Feminine
Species: Canis rufus
Origin: Louisiana Swampland
Age: Three Years Four Months
Orientation: Bisexual


Personality snapshot: Eccentric, Creative, Spiritual, Independent, Expressive.
In depth personality: Being born into the tribal packs of the deep Louisianan swampland, Adelaide has the unique skill of voodooism and has had a spiritual upbringing. She is a vibrant, eccentric female traveler looking for a new place to call home. At times, her bright personality and mysterious heritage can be overwhelming and odd to those who judges her to quickly. Her demeanor is naturally peaceful and kind towards those who treat her well. In tune with nature and the afterlife, she takes great offense to those who disrespect it and will punish them severely.

Her pelt in a in a dual colored pattern stained with a ritual painted markings. She's shorter than the average canine, but her feathery tail evens her size out to make her appear larger than she actually is.
Accessories: Orange Headband on her head. Bone necklace with a rat skull hanging from it. (The rat was her friend) Colored Voodoo Pins

She may fear Abandonment

Theme Songs:

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Adelaide Lejuan | The Travelling Cajun |
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