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 Natasha Varya

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PostSubject: Natasha Varya   Sat Jul 25, 2015 1:09 am

Updated: 7/24/15

~Natasha Varya~

"I am not an angel, and I will not be one 'till I die. I will be myself."


Alias: Natalya 'Natasha' Varya Petrova
Gender: Effeminate
Age: Having exceeded three decades of life
>>Maturity: Fully grown though young on the spectrum of agelessness
Species: Of the Shadowspawn (© WinterCrow; Closed)
Scent: Agarwood and rainfall
Vocallics: Has a slight lisp, exaggerated with emotion and speedier speech, as well as a Russian accent, exaggerated by slower vocalizations

Linguistics: Speaks primarily English
Paraphernalia: None at current
Characterizing Traits: Remarkably vibrant red eyes, Shadowspawn fangs

Main Theme: "Halo" by Starset
Sub-Themes: "Point of No Return" by Starset, "Miss Nothing" by the Pretty Reckless

Usual Companions: --
Usual Disliked Presences: Cautious of strangers
Kin: Presently none; has disowned both parental figures
Devotions: Pines over no brute; Keeps affectionate affairs reserved
Offspring: None

~Biographical Notations~

Like many of her kind, the damsel of topic's arrival into this world was left far from celebrated; Natalya was born a physical symbol of sin and death and quite quickly rejected by her mortal mother as is the typical song of her kin. She was hardly cognizant by the time her dam attempted to terminate her life in order to recover the dignity she'd lost the moment she'd chosen to lay with her father. Of course the young more informally known as Natasha was lucky in that she was recovered by those of her same heritage and raised in their ways. Their ways being readily reclusive in both nature as well as strategy for survival, however, it was no oddity when she took to her own path of solitude upon adulthood.

Natasha gets by in her life on her own terms: traveling her own path and mingling with others on ever the temporary basis. Instinct carried down from her once-hunted and jaded ancestors keeps the effeminate on the move, though she's often found fleeting about gatherings of other kinds in passing. Though no master at any one art, she's quite proficient enough in combat and camouflage that she's been steadily able to offer her assistance to those she might confront in exchange for passage. Given the risk of loss is far more acceptable when the victim isn't your own, she's almost always able to find someone keen to make use of her existence, and the dame is well versed in the art of choosing one's connections. For the most recent length of her lifespan, this is exactly what she has done in fact. Though her flitting presence isn't without direction, as she's quite keen to learn any bit about her own origins or those of other shadowed creatures. Her harbored affection for the more disadvantaged of the world given her own identification with them also often leads to the use of her time being granted to warding over them if the situation presents. Naturally, then, in tandem with keeping her ear to the ground to learn those things of intrigue, she's most often in service to those most worthwhile to both her survival and perhaps of their own need... or is found to be fanning the flames of trouble for entertainment's sake elsewise.

~Species Information~

Natasha is born with the darkly hued coats with little light coloring of her breed  as well as the common rib patterning, hers being individually thicker and with a fading gradient. She is heterozygous for shoulder scruffing, leading to a slightly thicker fur length about her neck and shoulders. She also bears the existent and slight mane that many loners of her kind bear. The effeminate carries the immortal lifespan of her kind, though she is still relatively young. Naturally, she also bears the characteristically forked tongue and excess fangs of the Shadowspawn pictured below.



Quick of wit, she's fairly street savvy and few times opens any information on herself to any that might pose a future threat. Though she's fairly reserved and observant in her way, Natasha instead dons a mask of cool suavity and cheeky confidence to most she crosses paths with and has a penchant for stirring trouble, the latter perhaps a gift of persona from her paternal lines. The dame has the typical red temper and devil may care attitude about her, though hers is often more subliminally calculating. She's no stranger to manipulation to get by, being that she is under the belief that she has no one to fall back on with the exception of her own self, and will quickly adapt to a situation if she deems it necessary to her wellbeing. Apparently chilled, she hasn't the slightest outward reservations about her sometimes Machiavellian approach, wherein she often finds herself carrying out the less pleasant bidding of some pack or other only to secure her own temporary safety while dwelling in their lands. However, should anyone dwell in her life longer than those others, they're likely to find her the interesting character or sorts, her true loyalties only given to those that have earned them. She's quite innately conscious of herself--god forbid that any unfortunate soul should boast courage enough to mock her slightly slurred way of speech--as well as quite expressed beneath her outer layers.

~Relational Affairs~

Intrigued By: Currently interested in none
Chasing After: Currently pines for no male
Devoted To: Holds affections for none
Spawn: Has conceived none
Familial Relations: Falls in with no living family; Has long since disowned her birth-parents

~Theme Videos~

"Halo" by Starset:

"Point of No Return" by Starset:

"Miss Nothing" by the Pretty Reckless:
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Natasha Varya
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