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 Announcements 7-26-15

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PostSubject: Announcements 7-26-15   Sun Jul 26, 2015 5:09 pm

Good morning, Eveillers.

It's been a while since we've had any form of announcements, and as such, I bring marvelous updates with me today.

To begin with, let's all take a moment to appreciate how well the pack has been running lately. In our last recruiting spree, we managed to snag many good new members (you know who you are!) who have been wonderfully loyal and active since. Thank you all for the time and devotion you've put into our family recently.

We also have had a tremendous influx of presets with our new members, and therefore, the Preset Bundle has been recently updated to accommodate this. If you would prefer to download that, it is always available to you. This bundle includes all members presets that had been posted prior to the update (marked on the download) as well as some from other players outside the immediate Eveiller family.

Of course, branching off of this, we have recently organized and added many new and fabulous works of art to our DA group, Art of the Eveiller. Feel free to check that out as well and become a part of it if you are not already.

As for our imminent future--we have several exciting events coming up.

It has been decided that it is time for a map update. Arda is our home, and until such a time as we have outgrown what it has to offer, it will continue to be our base of operations. That being said, this update will include several new areas. As always, all areas of the map are open to exploration both IC and OOC. We highly recommend enjoying our map before the update comes out, as several of the areas may be modified, moved, or removed entirely in the process. This may take some time as we have had to start from scratch once more, though you can expect this to hit within the next week or two.

Further, the Eve Admin plan to be out recruiting again once more before the installation of the new map, though after that, we will postpone all public recruitment when the update nears.

As we close in on October, one of the Eveiller's more favored holidays, we will start to solidify holiday events for the pack as well. If you have favorite events from the past, let the admins know so that we might work them into the planning.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, given the good foundations of the pack under the new ranking system, the Incendiaries will be taking a more keen eye to the Cinders of the pack in order to see who among them is most worthy to move up in the Chain of Command. With less administrative keeping to do, there will now be a faster pace to life within character in the coming weeks, as tasks will be given out and the testing of skills will be observed. While you're always at chance or risk to move up or down, during this time especially it is wise to strive to prove one's loyalty to the Incendiaries' reign as well as one's own proficiency as a viable member of this pack. Only the fittest will be granted status in their eyes.


All artwork and design is mine, save for the song lyrics. Please don't use without permission.
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Announcements 7-26-15
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