Ave Atque Vale
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 Virodan Darikovo Bartholomaus

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Incindiary of the Ave Atque Vale

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PostSubject: Virodan Darikovo Bartholomaus   Mon Dec 07, 2015 9:01 pm

"For every destroyer, there must be a creator."

"It's hard to distance myself from something I hold so dearly.."

Virodan Darikovo Bartholomaus
(Variation of Virochan, meaning "Earth")


Born April 27th
(Created in April of 2013)

Clock had stopped ticking at five years



Smells of oak forests, otherwise "Earthy"

His saliva glows a dull grey-blue in the dark

Devoted to that of his beloved; Alina Alionovna Izmertvyy

Sire to Kvothe & Leonidas

Wishes for more offspring

Loyal to that of Alina, and Ave Atque Vale

Proudly stands by Alina as Incindiary
(Even if he really just considers himself a mere figure head)

Desires no specific position

Specializes in no specific field, knows of combat and herb usage

Known History :

idk booboo
who knows?

Personality :

Despite being rather reserved and docile around that of other pack members, given that people actually take the time to befriend him, he turns into quite the goofball. Playing small pranks and tricks on those of his friends in order to get a laugh out of them, considering he strives for peace and amusement.
He is very passionate and easily considered over-sensitive in some topics.
Easily manipulated, though not entirely oblivious to most things.
Around his beloved mate, he is highly protective. Being known to attack others or warn them to keep their distance should he feel threatened. Especially towards other males whom he deems a threat to his position with her.
That said, he gets jealous quite easily, which would be one of his flaws. Being know to pout or even suddenly burst with anger towards the targeted.

Even so, given the right words, he can calm down easily as well. Considering he doesn't hold any grudges as far as the public knows.

With all of this, he would willingly sacrifice himself in order to save his lover. Challenging anyone whom dares touch a precious hair on her delicate body.

Main Theme (TSFH - Miracle)

Theme with Alina (bring oonnn the cliches)

^ second theme more cliches

^ probably won't be the last not sorry

He's very moody.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © copyright to Wolgron

Do NOT copy, steal, reference, or alter this biography in any way and thus resume to claim it as your own. Please respect my wishes, thank you.

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Virodan Darikovo Bartholomaus
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