Ave Atque Vale
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 Virodan Darikovo Bartholomaus

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Incindiary of the Ave Atque Vale

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PostSubject: Virodan Darikovo Bartholomaus   Mon Dec 07, 2015 9:01 pm

"For every destroyer, there must be a creator."

"It's hard to distance myself from something I hold so dearly.."

Virodan Darikovo Bartholomaus
(Variation of Virochan, meaning "Earth")


Born April 27th
(Created in April of 2013)

Five years old

Not quite immortal, but certainly hard to kill


Smells of oak forests, otherwise "Earthy"

His saliva glows a dull grey-blue in the dark

Devoted to that of his beloved; Alina Alionovna Izmertvyy

Sire to Kvothe & Leonidas

Wishes for more offspring

Loyal to that of Alina, and Ave Atque Vale

Proudly stands by Alina as Incindiary
(Even if he really just considers himself a mere figure head)

Desires no specific position

Specializes in no specific field, knows of combat and herb usage

History Prior to Pack :

Generally clouded in mysterious, he knows not of his true home. All he can remember is the smell of the mountains, and the feel of the snow beneath his paws as a child.

Known History :

workin on it..again

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Virodan Darikovo Bartholomaus
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